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Ritual Vitamins - Final Review

Here are my thoughts after taking Ritual vitamins consistently for three months. Would I recommend them? Read on to find out :)

Ok this last month FLEW BY! I was a week late with my last post about Ritual Vitamins so it seems like I was just recapping my two month experience like...yesterday. But the drum of time beats on and somehow it is now March. 

The last few weeks have been pretty stress-ridden and I'm super bummed to say that I've been dealing with a pretty bad cystic outbreak on my chin (so much for spearmint tea, I guess).

Long story short, I can't say I really noticed much of a difference between January and February vitamins-wise. My hair is still in great condition and my skin still has a nice glow to it, so I can at least say that the vitamins didn't make any of these things *worse*, and considering how stressed I've been that's actually kind of a miracle.

According to Ritual, about now is when the vitamins are able to cross the blood barrier to the brain, where it can do all sorts of mood-enhancing things. I haven't felt anything tangible mood-wise (though I did just get a weighted blanket and i LOVE IT but thats for another post ;) )

Overall my thoughts have changed very much from my last check in: if you're looking for a beauty supplement to step up your hair and skin game, I definitely recommend these. A lot of the other benefits aren't easily visible, so if you're looking for something with a lot of tangible results, vitamins in general are probably not for you.

Will I continue taking the vitamins? For sure, as long as my budget allows.

Ritual is $30/month. Use this link to get $5 off your first order.

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