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Glossybox October 2018 Review

Glossybox is the sophisticated older sister of all those other subscription beauty boxes out there. I still remember when I first heard about it, some time in 2012 when I was studying abroad in France. The company was launching there first, and I was so excited to be able to try them out before it hit the states. I think I received about 5 boxes before I had to go back to America, and they still hadn't launched in the US by then so they kind of fell off my radar. Fast forward to now, Glossybox sent over their October box for me to try and I'm happy to report that it is just as lovely & luxurious as I remember.

This month's theme was "Retreat", aka an at home spa day, aka one of my fave things to do for self care.

Along with the signature pink box, inside was a booklet describing each product & how to use it. I loved the touch of tying it all together with a ribbon.

Here's what came in the box:

Georgette Klinger Rose Clarifying Toner

I'm still on a very tight leash with toner because my sensitive skin tends to freak out with it. This one's main active ingredient is witch hazel, known for its astringent properties and badass name. I adored the scent of this one, and when I put it on it definitely made me feel like a wealthy woman in Malibu who wears Chanel.

Invisibobble Scrunchy

Ok, so this one was not that useful for me for obvious reasons. Who knew getting a buzzcut in March meant you couldn't put your hair in a ponytail for over a year? Not me! The scrunchy has a cool texture though, think those coily stretchy bracelets/keychains plus  velvety covering. The stretch is excellent, and would have been perfect back when I had a million pounds of hair.

Royal Apothic Lip Scrub

I don't have enough lip scrubs in my life so I'm pretty happy this was in the box. I don't know what sorcery they're using, but after you rinse off the scrub, your lips are left with a luxurious, buttery gloss on them like you just applied fresh lipgloss. How does it work? No idea. Also its a sugar scrub so your lips taste like candy after.

Tocca Montauk Candle

Yasss candles!! More beauty boxes should have candles. You love them, I love them, we all love them. Perfect & easy way to infuse calm + serenity in your space. This candle's scent is called "Montauk", and is supposed to have an ocean feel to it. When I went to Montauk it mostly had that kind of sour seaweed beachy smell you get on East Coast beaches, so this candle is quite the improvement. The first night I lit it, I wasn't a huge fan. It kind of smelled like petrol? But, the second night I followed the booklet's instructions and trimmed the wick before lighting and it made a world of a difference. I don't know any other way to describe the scent but...contentedness? It smells like contentedness, idk. Lightly citrus-y and soothing. Wow I should never go into the fragrance industry.

Nails Inc Polish

I love how the nail polish color matches Glossybox's signature powder pink! This shade has a nice pearlescent shine to it, and the color is the perfect amount of chic and neutral. Definitely a good everyday nail color, and it's been holding up nicely over the week.

Tree Hut Skincare Hydrating Mask

I put this on after a night out. Overnight masks are a particular fave of mine because of their effortlessness. Slap em on after cleansing and boom: you're giving your skin some love while you're away counting sheep. Bonus points that this one has chammomile, which is known for having antibacterial properties.

Glossybox retails for $21/month, which is basically two wine bottles, and the price is discounted more on the 3 month + recurring plans. They're also doing an AMAZING advent calendar that you can check out here. Mine came in last week and it is so tempting and beautiful I had to hide it in my closet. December hurry up!!

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