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Ritual Vitamins

For the next three months, I'll be trying out Ritual's multivitamin and reporting back with my findings. I'm coming into this as a vitamin skeptic, since the medical community is kind of down on vitamins these days.

Every time I've started taking a multivitamin I've gotten a cold. Every time. So you may be wondering why I've decided to try taking one again.

Basically: because they're pretty and I want to see if they make me feel pretty. 

What I like about Ritual as well is not only is it a female-founded company, but they also carefully research their vitamin choices and sources. They try to be as transparent as possible, which is a nice bonus for something that you put in your body every day.

I placed my order on their site a little over a week ago and the vitamins arrived a few days ago.

It arrived in this cute little box, which sort of reminded me both of Apple products and my health insurance Oscar (which is a good thing because Oscar has beautiful branding).

When I opened the box, there sat my lovely little health beans, in all their clear glory. 

Along with the vitamins was a little guide as well as a calendar to track the days you take the vitamins. I've decided I'm disciplined enough to not need it. We'll see if I regret that decision later. 

I'm two days in so far and nothing major has happened, of course. I honestly do love the thought that I'm helping take care of my body a teeny bit more each time I take them. I've been having them in the morning with my spearmint tea, which is another long term experiment I'm trying because it is supposed to help reduce acne. 

Here's where I'm most hoping to see improvement:

- Skin: more glowiness, less under eye circles

- Mood: idk, just a general sense of wellbeing?

My first followup post will be in January, watch this space!

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