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Travel Diary: Rockport

Last weekend we visited Rockport, MA, an adorable coastal town about an hour north of Boston by commuter rail. 

It’s definitely got that old New England vibe, along with a sort of mediterranean feel.

The water was unbelievably clear and blue. You could see straight to the bottom where there were tons of aquatic plants. I didn’t see any lobsters, unfortunately. Probably because they've caught them all. There were so many lobster traps!

I loved the colors of the town, so many vivid blues and pastel colors

 For lunch we obviously got lobster rolls. Our friend had visited Rockport previously and suggested we all go to Roy Moore Lobster Co. 

We split a lobster roll and a smoked salmon plate. It was delicious but definitely not enough food for two people. Damn those pricey lobster rolls! We ate outside at the restaurant and while we were eating they kept dragging in huge open boxes of live lobsters. It was pretty crazy how fresh everything was.

See all the lobster traps!!

There were a ton of sailboats and a yacht that had “Runnin on Dunkin” in the Dunkin Donuts font. So New England.

My favorite discovery of the day was Yes Wolf Spirit, a super awesome New Age/Witchy store.

The had a ton of lovely candles, beauty products, and crystals. I ended up getting a pretty sizable piece of quartz for only $5.

Towards the end of the day we ventured off the commercial path and into the residential areas. There are tons of cute little beach houses.

We had to catch the commuter rail back at 5pm, so we finished up with some limoncello gelato that we had by the ocean.

If you’re ever in the Boston area in the summer, definitely check out Rockport.

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