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Emmy Watching at Ever Bar in Hollywood

Last week the team over at Kimpton's Ever Bar reached out to see if we'd be interested in joining them for their Emmy's party. It happened to fit perfectly in our schedule so we were totally down! 

I stay at Kimpton hotels whenever I can because of their super awesome pet policy, in fact the first hotel Mochi ever stayed in was a Kimpton one!

We got to the Everly around 4:45 pm, and there was already another couple in the section they had put together for us. We were welcomed by Jenna, who gave us a little overview of the event and helped us find a spot.

At our table were two playbill-style booklets full, and I mean FULL, of themed cocktails they had created for the night. One of my favorites was the one for Succession, which included the server bringing an incense-filled pendulum thingy like they have in Churches. I ordered the Chernobyl, which contained "potato water" and "fear", and was served on a coaster filled with metal shavings and a magnet, while the server handed it to me wearing a huge rubber glove.  The one in the photo above was the Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul. Each ceramic had a different cocktail representing the two shows. I wish all cocktails were served with this much flair.

We also tried our hand at pool for a bit. I'm seriously rusty.

We didn't want to spoil our appetites for dinner so we tried to keep things light...just kidding we picked fried avocados and salmon rillette which were both fantastic. I'm still dreaming about those avocados.

I loved how much light was in the space, and you could really feel that the team loved working there. I mean how many other places will let you turn your cocktail menu into a theatrical event?

The Ever Bar is in the Kimpton Everly hotel, located in Hollywood. If you're ever in the area, be sure to check it out!

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