Launch Day

I’m writing this on a plane to New York, Solange playing on my iPhone to block out the combination of screaming baby + obnoxious boy tween that is the soundtrack of #airplanelyfe. The site (that I guess you’re reading this on right now!) is nearly finished, after several days of marathon coding.

I’ve only had one blog in my life (ok two, if you count my live journal), and that was for about 8 months, and the longest I’ve kept a journal was for like two years, though tbh they were the most cringeworthy teen years of my life (16-18) so it’s pretty entertaining to read them now. 

So, this blog may seem like a weird undertaking for people who know me. My mom asked me recently what it was going to be like, and my reply was “Rookie magazine but for when you’re in your late twenties. So, like, confronting the soul-crushing meaninglessness of adulthood plus…makeup!”

I probably won’t be keeping that as an elevator pitch, to be honest, but I truly do want Star Dust to be the type of place where likeminded individuals can figure out how to take care of ourselves and each other. It’s a weird time in the world, and a weird age to be. 

So what can you expect from Star Dust? A mystical combination of life advice, travel, wellness tips, and best of all, guest posts from brilliant people I’ve met over the years. New posts will be three times a week, starting with my airport travel survival guide that is up now. 

I’m so excited for what’s to come.

2017 was a fucking rough year. Here’s to 2018. Let’s create some magic. We’ve got it in us.

P.S. Got any topics you think we should cover this year? Let me know in the comments.

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