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Chasing LA Waterfalls: Eaton Canyon

Last weekend David and I went on a THREE MILE HIKE. That may sound like nothing to all you real hikers out there but to me it was an epic journey.

Most of the hike was completely in the sun, which I was not expecting at all because in my mind, all hikes are in forests. That's why they're hikes.

There were rattlesnake warning signs everywhere which was super fun since I have a dog that loves sniffing everything.

Speaking of Mochi, he got super tired about 20 minutes in to our 2hr hike. We ended up carrying him to the waterfalls. He was fine on the way back.

Finally towards the end of the hike, trees started popping up! Ah, the hiking I expected.

The water at the falls was blissfully cold. We dunked mochi in entirely so he could cool off a bit.

The journey back felt way shorter, and I loved the slow transition from the wilderness back to civilization. When we saw cars again it was almost jarring.  I'm definitely planning on going on more hikes in the future. It's the perfect way to explore + disconnect.

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