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I finally have a pinterest dream apartment

It's been a few weeks since I moved to a new apartment building + neighborhood and I'm finally feeling settled. I really hated my last apartment, and made it a priority this year to find a place I felt comfortable in and could make my own. Where possible, I've added links to where you can find some of this stuff, if you see anything you like.

The potted plants are actually just florist styrofoam + fake hanging ivy that I stuck in random places.  The hangers are from amazon.

Live plants + travel = no bueno. So  I wanted the vibe of plants, without the upkeep.

Shout out to Mochi on the couch! The shag pillows and runner on the bed I made by buying a yard of fabric on amazon. Gonna do a tutorial on that one later.

The tapestry I found on amazon for 1/3rd of the price of what it was on Urban Outfitters, and I made it extra mystical by overlaying a curtain of string lights.

The kitchen's a little unconventional because I put a picnic table in it! It's the perfect size for the space and apparently it folds into a normal bench as well.

The bathrooms theme is oceanic. I made a little art installation above the toilet with this ceramic air plant holder and a print from Walls Need Love. And yup, that plant is fake as well.

Urban Outfitters was having a 40% off apartment sale the week before I moved so I bought a ton of little knick knacks like this glass prism dish that serves zero purpose but looking dope.

I made these shelves from a tutorial I found on pinterest, and the framed works are just postcards I've found. The one on the left is from Paulie Gee's, my fave pizza place in Brooklyn.

This neon sign I made from a "make your own neon sign" kit from urban. It's an homage to Baz Lurhman! He has a gigantic L'amour sign in all of his movies.

I wanted to make sure my new space had a great transition into night, lighting wise. It has a totally different vibe at night, thanks to the bazillion string lights I put everywhere.

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