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How to make your own yarn wall art

Want to make your own custom yarn wall art without breaking the bank? Read on!

I've been eyeing those oh so boho yarn wall hangings for years now, but I never really committed to making one until I moved to my new space. Though these kinds of wall hangings have dropped in price recently, you still can't get a truly customized one, especially over 24in, for less than $80. My version costs approximately $30, and you could even get that down to $15 if you get some cheaper yarn.

Here's what you'll need, along with links to buy:

 --- 1 wooden dowel, about .75in to 1.5in in diameter, and whatever width you'd like. I used a 48" one.

--- 4-6 bundles of thick yarn, depending on the width of the dowel you're using. When choosing your yarn, try to think of what your main color will be, and then pick 1-2 complementary accent colors. I ended up buying 2 bundles of my main color, two of the first accent, and one of the second accent.

My favorite is this brand:

--- Scissors

--- Tape Measure

Now, on to the assembling...

1. Decide where you want the yarn to end

You'll want to have enough room at the end to tie your hanging thread. I decided to leave 7in on each side. Then, I cut some rope I had lying around tied it to each end, approximately 7in from the edges. I ended up looping this rope around a hanger and then hooking the hanger onto the back of a chair so I had something holding the dowel up for me.

2. Get ready to cut a lot of yarn

First, determine the length you want for your wall hanging. I decided for convenience that I would have the yarn be approximately the length of the dowel, 48". Next you'll want to determine the pattern you'll use. You can check out Pinterest for inspo.

I found it useful to come up with quantities for each color. I arbitrarily decided on units of 7, so the main color I would do 28 in a row, then alternating 7 of accent 1, and accent 2 until I had 28 of those two, and then repeat the pattern. Really you can do whatever you want though!

The fastest way to get all your yarn cut is to make giant loops of it on your dowel, so that the top looks like this ^ and the bottom looks like the image below:

I knew that I wanted my edges pretty raw, aka different lengths, so I didn't worry too much about them being the exact length. 

Next, you cut all of the bottom loops and voila, you have a bunch of long pieces of yarn looped over your dowel. Most likely you'll want to do this by color section. 

3. Get knotty

This is the easiest and most boring part: tying the yarn to the dowel. I just did double knots, nothing fancy. I worked from right to left, pushing the knotted yarn to the right each time I finished a piece.

3. Embellish (or not)

I ended up keeping my wall hanging as unrefined as possible, because I felt the striped pieces added enough of an embellishment. Some people like to add braids, tassels, beads, all sorts of things to the yarn. Whatever works in your space!

And there you have it. With just a few supplies, a couple of hours, and a little bit of inspiration, you can have a wall hanging that only looks like you paid some artist $$$ for it.

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