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Living Coral Balayage with Got2B Metallics Gilded Rose

This post has been compensated by Schwarzkopf. #got2bmetallic #sponsored

Coral is absolutely everywhere this year, so when göt2b® brand reached out to see if I wanted to try one of their metallic dyes I immediately jumped on the chance to use their Schwarzkopf® Metallic Gilded Rose shade. This line is devoted to all things smoky and metallic, and the coolest part is that they're in shades you can normally only find in semi-permanent dye. 

Walmart carries the entire Metallics line, here’s a shot of the aisle so you can find them!

I also picked up the amazing göt2b® Freeze Blasting spray, which is also great for setting your edges for wigs, FYI.

Important note! The lighter shades, like Gilded Rose, will really only work on light blonde or bleached hair. This tutorial assumes that you already have bleached your hair for the balayage. If you haven't, check out my video here on my balayage technique. Is the hair you want to dye light blonde? Good, you're ready to go!

I did a strand test the night before by mixing a tiny amount of the developer and dye and applied to just the ends of my hair. I recommend doing this for people who are unsure how the color is going to turn out, and it's also a good way to find out if you're allergic to the dye, which can happen.

Step 1: Prepare the Space

Put on something you're not afraid to ruin, usually old novelty/work fun-run/ugly swag t-shirts work best for this. Next, you'll want to prepare your space. No matter how careful you are, usually stray dye globs end up somewhere. So, similar to the t-shirt thing, make sure you're dyeing your hair in a space that is either protected by towels or is easy to clean in case the dye gets on it. Remember, this is permanent dye so the staining can be pretty major if you don't take precautions. I like to have paper towels and cleaners nearby for moments like these. 

Step 2: Get dyeing!

When you open the box, here's what you'll find inside. You should put the gloves on first to save your hands from any peachy-pink mishaps. Next, you'll want to open the tube of dye and squirt it all into the developer bottle that has the point on it. Putting your finger over the open part, shake the bottle to mix the liquids together.

Depending on whether you’ll be applying to your whole head (in which case you’ll probably need several boxes), your technique will be a little different. I only wanted to dye the parts that were bleached so using my hands, I would apply dye to the ends of my hair and then spread the dye so all of the ends of my strands were saturated.

If you’re doing your whole head, I recommend using a wide tooth comb to comb the dye over your whole head, working in sections.

Once you’ve used all of the dye, set a timer for 30 minutes. I like to put a shower cap over my head so that the heat from my head activates the dye a little more.

Step 3: Rinse & Style

Once your 30 minutes are up, go ahead and rinse your hair out. The box comes with a great deep conditioner included, so use that instead of your normal conditioner after your rinse.
It’s always a good idea to let your hair air dry after doing any chemical processes to it. The goal here is a nice beachy balayage wave, so there are two different options depending on your natural hair’s texture:

1) If your hair is straight, let it air dry for about 30 minutes, then separate it into two parts and braid them. The braids will help give you an organic-looking wave as your hair dries.

2) If your hair is wavy or curly, add your favorite curl primer (or a little bit of coconut oil) and let its natural texture take shape.

After your hair has completely dried, take out the braids (if you have them). You can set this look with the göt2b® Freeze Blasting Hairspray, so your style lasts all day!

I'm in love with this color! It's the perfect blend of copper and pink. They have a bunch of other colors in their Metallics line, I'd particularly love to try their silver shade, maybe on some extensions since I'm trying not to bleach my hair to death anymore :p

You can find the Schwarzkopf® göt2b® Metallics line at a Walmart near you :)

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