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Do Jade Rollers Actually Work?

I've been using my jade (technically quartz) roller consistently for over a month now, and here's what I've found.

Jade Rollers have been on my radar for more than a year now. They supposedly work by draining the lymphatic fluid in your face, making it less puffy. Mostly I would see them come up in "trendy milennial beauty hacks" articles, and my main thought was: there is no way I'm using a roller on my acne-covered skin.

Fast forward a year later, and my acne is finally under control (one New Year's Resolution crossed off and it's not even the end of January, yasss queen) so I decided to give the ol jade roller a try. I got one in my Goddess Provisions box in December, so it was perfect timing.

For the past month now, after putting on my moisturizer and serums I take my roller out of the fridge and roll that thing allll over my face. 

Articles I read said to roll from the center of the face out, so that's what I do, concentrating heavily on my undereye because goddammit I want to get rid of my puffy eye bags.

I have seriously puffy-face syndrome in the morning, so my main goals with the roller were to alleviate that. Does it actually work? Let's try some photographic evidence.

Here's my lovely puffy face right when I wake up:

Here's immediately post roller (errr it kind of looks worse??):

Here's an hour post roller:

Does it actually do anything? Debatable. I like to think that it helps absorb my topicals into my skin better, but I'm honestly not sure if it does.

The final verdict? I've been seriously busy these past few weeks, so I'm pretty sure I'll be dropping the roller from my routine. It's an extra three minutes that could probably be better spent elsewhere. 

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