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Skincare Review: Exuviance CitraFirm

A few weeks ago, Exuviance sent me a bottle of their

CitraFirm face oil to try. I was intrigued by the multi-vitamin aspect of the

oil. It (ironically) contains the vitamins F, A, C, and you guessed it, E. Vitamin

E interests me particularly because my skin is prone to scarring and I know

that Vitamin E is supposedly great for that.

As a person with sensitive + oily

skin, I’ve always thought that topical oils were out of the question for my

skin type. But, the more I researched oily skin, the more I learned that oil +

oily skin does not equal more oil. In fact, it may end up making your skin less

oily because it doesn’t feel the need to produce as much.

The experiment was on! I decided to add it at night, right

before my moisturizer.  I found that any

more than 2 drops was a bit much for my face, and some nights I would just use

one and my entire face was nicely moisturized.

Initial Thoughts:

--- Omg this smells amazing. 

--- I would use this for the scent alone

--- It has a really nice consistency, somewhere between a gel and and oil.

Initial Results:

--- Skin was definitely more hydrated than just using my


--- No difference in brightness/pigmentation, though my face

did seem less red.

After a week, I definitely noticed a difference in my skin.

Mostly in hydration. I have the barest hint of laugh lines beginning on my

cheeks, and I did feel as though they were slightly diminished.


Totally recommend it! I loved the scent, it was like a mini

trip to the spa each night. People with oily skin will want to err on the side

of less is more, while those with drier skin can use a bit more.

You can get your own bottle here.

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