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When Boston turned into an enchanted forest...

Some days, ok a lot of days, I plan on going to do something but then if the logistics are too complicated, I push it off onto the next week. It happens to me a lot in Boston because they have the MOST USELESS PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION EVER. Anyway, last month all over Boston’s parks, Fujiko Nakaya created these fog installations. The parks are quite easy to get to if you have a car, and nearly impossible if you don’t. But my, oh my was it worth the trip.

We decided to visit the exhibition “FogxRuins”, not really knowing anything about it except that it had a sound installation in addition to the fog.

The fog itself is created from a huge square scaffolding sculpture that you can actually go inside. If you stand in the right spot, the fog is so dense that you can barely see your hand in front of you.

It was a similar sensation to what I imagine sensory deprivation baths are like.

The performance only happened twice a day, once at 6 and once at 7. We got there just as the last performance was starting.

To get the shots, we had to scramble to wherever the fog had decided to drift in that moment, as it dissipated quickly.

Towards the end of the 20 minute performance, the sun hung low in the sky, giving the rest of the photos an eerie, otherworldly feel. These ones were some of my favorites.

All hail the fog spirits.

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