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Mini Holiday Gift Guide

Some people get their holiday shopping done in like August. I am not one of those people. So, in the spirit of my fellow holiday shopping procrastinators, here is a gift guide with gifts you can order and still have in time for the holidays. I've split the guide into three categories, the maven, the sorceress, and the rebel. These are archetypal girls I dreamed up from characteristics of my friends. The products in this guide are a combination of brands I've worked with, things I've tried, and things I want to try.

1. The Maven

This is for the girl who always has her shit together. She maybe has a bullet journal, and her instagram has a clear aesthetic. She was probably the first of your friends to have a dinner party that didn't have a BYOB disclaimer.

Get her...

1. This gorgeous rose gold lamp

Get it from Versanora for $84 (order by 12/14 to get it in time for the holidays and use TeamsonDSM20 to get 20% off your order)

2. These luxury bathroom products

Get them from Poo-Pourri, $75 for a three-piece set.

The best hostesses always have something on hand to make their guests feel a bit more *ahem* comfortable, in the bathroom. Poo-Pourri has a luxe line of their toilet sprays, cheekily called No. 2. The packaging is AMAZING (think shiny gold poop emoji stickers) so it's a bonus for those wrapping challenged folks out there (like myself). I've tried the Bergamot Sea Salt ones and they smell amazing.

3. A subscription to Glossybox

My love for Glossybox knows no bounds. You can gift in 3, 6, or 13 month increments, ranging in price from $69-$234. Check out their gift subscriptions here!

2. The Sorceress 

Obviously this is the one I identify with the most. This is your friend who has matcha in the morning, may not be a vegetarian but tries to be an ethical omnivore, and worships Zoe Kravitz as a demi-goddess. She definitely has a crystal collection.

Get her...

1. A subscription to Lunarly

I wrote all about Lunarly in another post. It's a subscription box that features new age-y self care along with a beautiful plant! You can send a gift in either one month ($40) or three month  ($110) increments. Check em out here

2. These beautiful self care cards

These cards each feature a self care activity to try, like taking a bath or meditating. They're each beautifully illustrated as well.

Get them here for $44

3. Some natural skincare products from Derma E

Derma E is a perfect gift for the clean and natural beauty lovers out there. My personal fave is the rose cleansing oil. I use it to remove my makeup at night.

3. The Rebel

This is the girl who was probably goth in high school and transitioned to a chic, pin-up style suicide girl. She's super body-positive, probably dyes her hair black, and her eyebrow game is on point.

Get her...

1. A wig in a bold color

The one above is from my favorite wig store, Divatress. $35

2. Anything from Band of Weirdos

These Unicorn Skeleton Earrings are $18

Band of Weirdos has so many amazing things, from Zodiac, to Harry Potter, to Gilmore Girls, there's something for every fandom. 

3. This super cool vintage spotlight lamp

Get it from Versanora for $109 (order by 12/14 to get it in time for the holidays and use TeamsonDSM20 to get 20% off your order)

And when you’re done thoughtfully shopping for each of these friends, #GoGiftYourself at Teamson.com! 

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