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The Pure Company Carbon Filter Water Decanter Review

When researching water filters I couldn't really find any in-depth reviews of the Pure Company's Carbon Filter Water Decanter. It was by far the prettiest of all the water decanters I had come across, and if I was going to have to keep a giant jug of water on my kitchen counter I wanted it to at least look nice and not that I'm a Zombie Apocalypse prepper/planning on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

What little I could find about the company (woman founded, yesss) seemed promising to me, so I decided to take the plunge and order a decanter from their website. The ended up being sold out of the color I wanted (aluminum) but they were extremely apologetic and offered the Marshmellow color at a discount to make up for the inconvenience.

Shipping took about four business days, fyi.

It arrived with adorable packaging and a pretty easy to follow instruction booklet. I was kind of surprised how much assembly was required given its just a giant metal jug for water, but there are a few pieces that need to be assembled in an exact order to ensure the decanter is sealed correctly (more on that later).

Fully assembled, the decanter is about the size of my stand mixer. I actually ended up being glad I got the white color, as it looked great with the rest of my kitchen.

Similar to other carbon-based filters (like britta), you have to run two full passes of water through the system before you can drink out of it. Filtering takes a long time, mostly because it holds so much water. I did the first full water filter around 8pm and it was done filtering at 9:30. I left the second batch to filter overnight and came back to it in the morning.

So, how does the water taste?

Pretty darn great. My office has a cooler full of mountain "spring" water and now my tap water tastes pretty much exactly like it. I don't have a water testing kit/a chemistry background, so I can't say whether or not it actually filters out the chemicals it says it does (like uranium, fluoride and lead). I keep it on my counter right next to my sink so I can fill it up easily.

Speaking of which, I thought I'd be able to keep a supply of water ready in the top section of the decanter, and that as I took purified water from the section below it would naturally drop down to be purified. What happened instead is that around 10pm I heard a dripping noise coming from the kitchen and found that the water had started leaking out of the middle section and going all over my counter! So, don't do that. Unfortunately that means you either have to keep checking the lower compartment to see how much filtered water you have left, or you have to wait until your decanter is totally empty to refill. Since it takes so long to filter thats a bit of a pain.

Overall I'm really happy with my purchase, especially considering the price compared to similar filters like the Berkey.

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