Lunarly December Review

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December's Lunarly box is all about the Cold Moon. Read on to see what was inside :)

I think the first time I got my Lunarly box, they forgot to put in the journal that you write in to set intentions. It was included this time though! Along with a bunch of cute stickers and instructions on how to set intentions & meditate.

This months plant was a Boston Fern. Unfortunately for me, it arrived half frozen, which means I have to try not to kill an already half dead plant!

(You can see the frozen bits in the darker parts of the leaves)

These were the self care products included:

1. Gold Dust Hydrogel Mask

I haven't had a chance to try this one yet, but it looks super cute! It's from South Korea too so you know it's legit


2. Lava Beads

These were so unique! The guide said to rub essential oils on them and use them while setting intentions. I added a little lavender oil to them and it worked perfectly. It was actually really comforting having something to hold on to while meditating.

3. Sodalite Crystal

This crystal is so pretty!! It's meant to help bolster confidence, which everyone could use a little bit extra of now and then. I rinsed it under water to really get the depth of colors. I had no idea there even were naturally occurring blue stones on Earth.

Solid box this month, though I wish the fern were in as good of shape as the last plant was on delivery!

Pray for Mr. Planty 2, everyone, and you can find out more about Lunarly here.

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