Ikea Kvistbro Hack: Rose Gold Marble Table

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To begin, yes I am aware that "rose gold marble" is the most millennial furniture choice imaginable. I love rose gold, though the jury is still out on whether rose gold is just copper with a "millennial tax". So, I got two of these ikea tables from Craigslist for like $50:

And for a while, I just let them be in my apartment. They matched the decor well enough, and they had the added bonus of storage, since the tops are detachable. Then one fateful afternoon, I came across "rose gold metallic spray paint". I checked out some of the reviews, and the items ended up looking so real that I decided I'd spray the wire part of the table. A little later, I had the thought of looking up marble contact paper, and similarly to the spray paint, that shit looked good!

So, without further ado, I present to you: my very first ikea hack.

Part 1 Rose Golding it Up

If you want to use the same color I did, this is what I used (image link goes to amazon)

You would think the spray painting portion would be pretty self-explanatory, but I have some words of wisdom (or warning). Don't spray inside! Just don't do it! I thought if I laid enough towels down and kept my windows open that it'd be fine, but I was very very wrong. The particles from the spray paint get *everywhere*. Even my dog was walking around with rose gold feet for a few days. 

After you've picked a nice outdoor space, it's time to prepare the furniture. Spray it down with windex. Supposedly you can/should sand your furniture, but since I was spraying a coated wire, I figured I could skip it.

You can follow the can's instructions as far as drying time goes. The rustoleum was pretty much dry to the touch in 30 minutes, so I left it in my apartment buildings outdoor stairwell for an hour and then carted it back to my place.

Here's what it looked like post spraying:

I only ended up needing to use one coat, luckily, because I was starting to run out by the time I was spraying the other table. 

Then you have to let the paint dry entirely for 24 hours. Here's what it ended up looking like:

A total upgrade from its previous boring white phase!

Part 2 Adding that Marble Finish

I measured the two table tops, and the large of the two was still within the width of this contact paper from amazon:

Just like the other part, the first step is cleaning the table top with windex, though this time its super important to get every tiny particle off the table, because the paper magnifies it when its laid over the top.

Once that's done, place the table top upside down on the contact paper, similar to if you were wrapping a present.

To make things easier, at this point I cut along one of the provided grid lines so that I was left with a rectangle that was only slightly bigger than the table top.

Time to put your kindergarten skills to work! Draw a thin line around the table in pen or pencil.

You'll be left with a giant circle that you must cut out. More kindergarten skills! Try to make sure you cut as cleanly as possible so that the edges are smooth.

The next part is the trickiest. I read on amazon that spraying more windex on the surface allows you to reposition the paper more easily if you mess up. I tried it and I'd say it makes it a little easier, but it may also cause more bubbles to form under the paper, so its up to you. Peel back an edge of the paper and align it with the tables edge. At the beginning, you just want to make sure the paper is in the center and there isn't excess hanging off the edges. Once you're confident in the spot, you can start pressing down on the end you first put down, slowly pull the rest of the backing off the paper while you follow with your hand close behind. You can use any kind of plastic card to press out any bubbles as you go. 

Protip: if you're still left with bubbles after going over with the card, you can use a needle to prick the bubble and then go over it with the card again.

And that's it! Now you have a gorgeous looking table that only *looks* like it cost a thousand dollars.

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