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Hi, I'm Dominique!

I do so many different things that it's hard to categorize "what I am". After graduating from school, I spent 3 years as a full time musician. Then I headed to Paris to build a startup. Then I moved to LA (where I live now) for music again and software development.

Before Stardust, I only had one blog in my life (ok two, if you count my live journal), and that was for about 8 months. The longest I’ve kept a journal was for like two years, though tbh they were the most cringeworthy teen years of my life (16-18) so it’s pretty entertaining to read them now.

I started Stardust on New Year's Day 2018, with the goal of posting three days a week. That definitely has not continued, because well, life happens. But I try my darndest to post weekly now.

The name itself comes from my last name (Star). And what exactly is Stardust? In short, it's a lifestyle blog. In long, it's a love letter to travel, self care, being/feeling/looking badass, and finding your way in this weird world.

All inquiries can be sent to violet[at]atomic-agency.com

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